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  • Do I need a special drivers license to rent a moped?
    No. A special drivers license is not required. But you will need to present a VALID drivers license from the United States, Canada, Mexico, UK, or European Union. If you hold a drivers license from a region not listed, the words “drivers license” in English must be present on your card. Learners permits are not excepted.
  • How old do you have to be to rent a moped or bicycle?
    The minimum age for renting a moped or bicycle is 18.
  • If I rent a moped or bike can I keep it over night or for multiple days?
    Yes, we provide locks.
  • Can I take a moped or bike on the beach?
    No, this is against the rental policy and the town ordinance of Block Island.
  • Will I be given a demonstration before driving the mopeds?
    Yes. Everyone must follow a demonstration of how to properly operate the mopeds. We will also go over the safety equipment and tips of how to safely travel on the vehicle. If you or the trained staff at any time feel that you can not capable of operating the moped properly after a sufficient time and effort we will happily refund your money. Safety is our main priority.
  • Can I drive on dirt roads?
    Not on a moped. The town of Block Island restricts the use of mopeds on dirt or unpaved roads. As for bicycles, yes, they are allowed to travel on dirt or unpaved roads.
  • Do I have to wear a helmet on mopeds?
    Yes, you have to wear helmets and eye protection. This is a town ordinance and must be compiled with, we offer a wide selection of sizes of helmets and offer eye protection for those who do not have their own eye glasses or sunglasses. Failure to comply may result in a ticket.
  • About: Pregnancy and rental mopeds and bicycles.
    For the safety of yourself and your child, we do not allow pregnant women to rent or ride our equipment.
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