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Map of Attractions Local to Aldos Modeps on Block Island
  1. COW COVE/NORTH LIGHT AREA: Best Coastal Views and sports the historic North Light. No swimming here, dangerous rip current.

  2. MANSION BEACH: One of the island’s grandest beaches.

  3. SCOTCH BEACH: Best Beach for Young Adults.

  4. FRED BENSON TOWN BEACH: Beach has restrooms, showers, food, rental items and is staffed with lifeguards in the summer months.

  5. BABY BEACH: Best Beach for Children.

  6. SURF BEACH: Best place to snorkel.

  7. BALLARD’S BEACH: Tiki bar and food service and staffed with lifeguards in the summer months.

  8. MOHEGAN BLUFFS: One of the most dramatic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

  9. VAILL BEACH: Home to one of Block Island’s more intriguing landmarks, Painted Rock. Rough surf. Swimmers: exercise caution.

  10. BLACK ROCK: Best surfing spot.

  11. DINGHY BEACH: Also known as Mosquito Beach, it offers majestic views of Great Salt Pond and easy access to Scotch Beach.

  12. ANDY’S WAY: Island’s premiere clamming spot and best place to take a stroll.

  13. WEST BEACH: Best Beach for sea glass hunting.

  14. CHARLESTOWN BEACH: Popular fishing beach with long jetty at the end and amazing sunset views with boats coming into New Harbor.

  15. Grace’s, Dorry’s and Conneymus Coves: Perfect for hiking and sunsets.

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